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Brogan Attlay

Brogan’s understanding of therapeutic massage and passion for therapy makes her a great addition to Urban Zen! Brogan is a fully qualified VTCT Level3 Sports Massage, and FHT registered Pregnancy Massage therapist. Brogan is also a registered yoga teacher offering classes at our studio! She is currently pursuing a Masters of Osteopathy programme as a student at Swansea University.
You can contact her at 07852277677 or breathe.brogan@gmail.com for queries or an appointment.

Pregnancy and Post Natal

Pregnancy and birth are very demanding on the body! Pregnancy and post-natal massage are safe and effective ways to alleviate some of the accompanying discomforts. It also a great excuse to give yourself some well-deserved pampering and connect with your unborn baby!
Brogan can help you ease an aching back, hips, shoulders, or even reduce swelling at hands and ankles. Constipation, anxiety, itching, and congested sinuses can all be helped in pregnancy massage! The session can focus on one area, or be a full body, neck, and head treatment.
Brogan will ensure you are in a position most comfortable for you (side lying, reclined, or seated), supported with pillows and covered snugly in blankets to receive a treatment tailored to your specific needs!

Sports Massage & Relaxation & Deep Tissue

Brogan received her first qualification in sports massage and has grown with experience and additional education. Her understanding of movement and anatomy makes her a safe and effective therapist. Brogan’s approach is very personalized, and provides the option to blend relaxion, deep tissue, and sports massage combined into one session, or chose one style specifically.

Brogan can help with muscle pain/ dysfunction, as well as injury prevention, and adjusts her technique and pressure to suit your needs.

Louise Evans

Louise Evans, Advanced clinical sports and massage therapist is holder of the highest qualification in massage therapy (BTEC Level 6) and is the only holder of this qualification in Wales.

Specialising in myofascial release techniques and functional movement to treat and ease pain and discomfort within the body. Her interest in movement has led her to develop a class designed to create an easeful and mindful body named The Native Movement. “It’s about cultivating elasticity in the tissues through mindfulness and intelligent movement” you can learn more about Louise @ www.nativebodyworks.co.uk